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Time for sharing and learning!

Well as part of my studies about Egypt, I will be posting everyday.  I have found a very good copy of "the Cairo calendar".  It is very good and I also write each day in to my day planner.  It is my hope that I will be able to know the calendar by heart.  I think it will take me about two years to get this under my belt!  Here is the first entry.  Then what will follow is an except from the book I found it in.  I am also posting it in the Egypt communities I belong to.  I wish to share with other's what I learn!  Here we go!!</font>

Julian Date:  January 1st,   Tameran Date:  Rekh Ur 17th        </font>

Day of keeping things of the wabet of Asar, which have been placed in the hands of Aupu.  Very favorable.</font>

Now on to the details.  The Julian calendar is what we use to day and the month we know call it.  The Tameran Date is the date and Month that the Egyptians called it.  The writing that follows is what was found on the papyrus.  Now for the except from the book.  It is called:  "Circle of Isis" by Ellen Cannon Reed.</font>

 I have to say that I loved everything that I found in this book and have even made some of the food list in it.  It is a great book and I highly recommend it.  It is a good read and also has songs, prayers, food, rituals and lots of other neat info.  And there is also info on all the major Gods and Goddesses.  I love the way it is set up!</font>

"From "Circle of Isis"</font>

The Calendar</font>

    "The Tamerans had a calendar of 12 30-day months, with five "extra" days, called the epagomenal days, occurring right before the New Year.</font>

    The year began the first day Sirius (Sothis rose at dawn after the rising of the Nile.  This took place approximately July 19th on our present-day calendar.</font>

    In his book, Ancient Egyptian Magic, Bob Brier states his version of the calendar on August 1st, because Sirius now rises on approximately that date.</font>

    Since the building of the Aswan Dam, the Nile no longer floods, so the date of the inundation is a moot point.  You must decide whether you wish to go with the actual rising of Sirius, the "traditional" date, or whenever you deem appropriate.  In the list that follows, we've stated on July 19th.</font>

    Most of the information that follows comes from a papyrus called "the Cairo calendar."  The calendar contained festival notations, comments on the day, predictions, and warnings.  We do not understand all of the notations on the calendar, but have included them for your information and enjoyment.  Further research may bring more understanding.  The comments as to whether the day is "favorable" come from that papyrus, as do some of the more unusual predictions and warnings.  (we've reworded some of them.)  Sothistar's own research has been added."</font>

Now just to make sure it is clear the past text was written by the author "Ellen Cannon Reed" in the book "Circle of Isis"  I added her words so that everyone might have an understanding of the info I will be posting.  It is my hope that those that also studying Egypt will share there own knowledge with me and all that read this.  I have had no look finding another calendar to use.  And I have looked on line and at the library.  So please share if you have the info and knowledge!  Thank you all so much for any help and insight you have to offer.

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