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Kemetic Recon

How do we reconstruct the religion of Egypt? Unlike other Recon paths their isn’t a lot of information other than for temples, funerary functions, and the pharaoh.  Unfortunately in this day and age, a true Egyptian temples would be impossible to support and while some groups do have a Pharaoh they function more as high priests and not mighty lords.

So what things do we reconstruct. While there are plenty of calendars out there, I can’t find a single source detailing how the celebrations were done, not to mention how to recalibrate it based on the stars.  So holy days are out for the most part. Additionally hardly anything is known about how your average Egyptian worshiped. We know they probably had an shrine at home, open public shrines, and ear stellas at the temple walls but not what they actually did with them. Also what about the average or poor persons afterlife, quite a few of them weren’t mummified.

All we know is that most Egyptians were pious and we can get a rough idea of their ethics from the wisdom texts.

So for all you Kemetic Recons, what has been reconstructed because I would greatly like to know.

(note I, and it seems most of the members of the kemetic orthodoxy are not Recons but revivalists which seem to be a different animal.)
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